My Morning Routine for Creative Inspiration

My morning routine is pretty simple, but hopefully, it will give you some ideas for starting one for yourself.

I’ve always been a morning person. In college, I worked at a local Bakery and every Sunday I would go in at 6:30 am and sell donuts and pastries. I remember watching the sunrise and feeling like that time was just for me. Later, in my late 20’s and 30’s I realized that I needed to start my day before my kids woke up so I could have my coffee in peace and feel like a real human person. Now that my kids are older and can drive themselves to school, I still wake up between 6:30-7:00 am. However, running my own business has taught me that the more structure I have in my day-to-day routine the better! 

Actually, my morning routine starts the night before when I review my planner to make sure that I know everything that needs to get done the next day. Let me run you through my routine, and hopefully, you’ll pick up some helpful tips to add to your morning! 

The morning routine begins the night before

Coffee, coffee, coffee, and breakfast

What would a morning routine be without coffee? Coffee with collagen first thing in the morning is what keeps me going throughout the day! Collagen has many benefits for your overall health, so adding it to my coffee makes sure that I am getting the proper nutrients I need right from the start. The brand I use and recommend is Vital Proteins. Most mornings, I still make the boys breakfast before they go to school. This has become like a little family tradition I hope they look back on with good memories of chatting over breakfast before they get sent off to school. Starting my day off with coffee and family is my perfect morning already

coffee with Vital Proteins
Morning routine begins with coffee

Get up and Move!

My morning routine almost always begins with some kind of movement. Either a walk with friends or a walk with my dogs around my neighborhood is how I get my blood circulating and get pumped in the morning. Sometimes I listen to podcasts or music but lately, I have just been listening to the sound of birds and nature. I find it’s a great way to loosen up my achy body and get ready for the day. I also try to do some kind of morning stretch routine. I’ve been practicing Yoga with Adriene for years, and love all of her videos. Trust me, doing this every morning will make you feel like a brand new person.

Find some quiet time

I’m a big fan of meditation. As someone who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life, I have found that spending a little extra time every day on my mental health is a priority. I found the Headspace app several years ago and that was my first introduction to meditating. You can follow along with guided meditations that you can choose based on your interests or what areas you want to improve. Last winter and into the spring I used Insight Timer and I highly recommend it. It is similar to Headspace in which they offer guided meditations as well as live sessions where you can practice in real-time. I found this helped me refocus my energy.

Morning routine find quiet time

I wrote about self-care for creatives here.

Unlock all the creativity 

One of my favorite morning routines is painting! I paint with no agenda or endgame in mind. I just have to create something and get in the flow. Even when I have a commission piece that I have to work on that day, I always start with painting something that is just for me. Do something in the mornings that is just for you.

I hold all of this loosely and my morning routine has changed and evolved many times over the years. Do you have any morning routine ideas that I should know about? Are you a morning person like me or do you get all of your work done at night? Let me know what works for you!

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My Morning Routine for Creative Inspiration

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